Storey Your Sheep: A Kid's Guide To Raising And Showing

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Whether you're getting your first sheep or would like to learn more about caring for and showing the sheep you have, Your Sheep has the information you need to be successful. Paula Simmons and Darrell Salsbury cover everything you need to know, from choosing and buying the right sheep to feeding, heath care, shearing, showing, breeding, and lambing. 

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Paula Simmons

A respected authority on sheep raising for over three decades, author Paula Simmons has written many books and magazines articles on spinning wool, and is the coauthor of Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep. Simmons lecturers and conducts workshops in the United States and Canada on the subject of raising sheep and spinning wool for a living. Together with her husband, she has been raising and sheering sheep, and spinning and weaving wool for over 20 years on their farm in Washington.


Darrell L. Salsbury

Darrell L. Salsbury, a veterinary research scientist, lives in Kansas where he spins, weaves, and raises a large mixed-breed flock of sheep. Darrell has written many articles about sheep exclusively for children.

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